The World’s Largest Democratic Deliberative Assembly

Over 9,000 delegates attend the National Education Association Representative Assembly (NEA RA). The delegates are charged with setting policy for the 3-million-member organization. New Jersey sends between 600 and 700 delegates to the NEA RA, which this year will be held virtually from July 2 to July 3. 

At the NEA RA, Delegates vote on amendments to the NEA Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules. They also vote on proposed resolutions and new business items, setting forth NEA’s policy and position statements. Many of these actions have a direct impact on NEA members in New Jersey.

Delegates will also elect members to the NEA Executive Committee. If any vacancies occur in NEA officer or other Executive Committee positions, these may also be filled at the NEA RA.

The RA is the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world and adheres to Roberts Rules of Order.